Reflection amplifies your Spotlight

Reflection amplifies your SpotlightReflection amplifies your Spotlight

Reflection amplifies your Spotlight.
Yesterday we have entered what I call the Magic Month… the last days of 2021.
While many of you are already decorating and preparing for Christmas – which I love also, by the way and I cheer you for doing so – I have felt a different energy during this time for the past couple of years.
If you look at nature, everything comes to a standstill, becomes quiet and awaiting. And we are nature, although we tend to forget that we are! Living from our heads and fighting everything that we don’t find pleasurable in our lives. Thinking that we know how we feel, instead of FEELING it.

We forget that our bodies are still nature… very much nature.

And to invite the Feminine into the spotlight, we need to be in tune with nature. A lot!
For me that means consciously connecting to nature… feeling the energy. Connecting is feeling that my body simply understands that energyl, effortlessly. And yes, it does require some serious listening and tuning into… prioritizing and setting time aside; It is so worth it!
So for me this Magic Month is a Quiet month, like nature. A month where I reflect on my life, my body, my dreams and desires a little more than I usually do. A month for journalling, dancing, tapping, singing, clearing out old stuff that I don’t want to take with me into the brand new year that lies ahead of us. Dreaming and meditating. Walking in nature. Some yoga. Hot cups of tea and a blanket.
The energy of this month quietly invites us to do so… just listen.

Your body knows

I know, it is easy to get caught up in all the festivities, gift buying and wrapping, family gatherings… “It’s the season to be jolly” – is after all what we are hearing. Big time…and have been hearing for as long as we remember.
But what does this season mean to you? What would you like it to be?
Creating a new definition of routines that are so common that they seam normal is incredibly powerful and empowering.
If you – lik me – wish for a world that gives us more time to reflect, feel, connect, embody, share, stillness, just being… yourself and to be able to show up with that, than reflection is a good way to start.

It amplifies your spotlight – that I know for sure!

It makes your soul a little happier, and that is a radiance no work or product can ever create.
Monique van der Hoeven
Founder of Soul to Sassy
Would you like to check out what your Special Season would look and feel like from a Soul-aligned perspective?
I am offering 5 special single one-on-one Soul Wisdom Sessions in December. To help you create your own Magic Season from now on! Please send me an e-mail – I’m happy to send you more information so you can feel if this is for you!

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